Pumpkin Recipes We Absolutely Love (2024)

Enjoy the rich taste of pumpkin in pies, cakes, soups, cupcakes, bar cookies, cheesecakes and more.

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Pumpkin Swirl Cheesecake Bars

Pumpkin Recipes We Absolutely Love (1)

Sure, you've seen this combo before. But not done this well. This recipe doesn't use a whole can of pumpkin, so add leftovers to a smoothie, a pot of chili, hot oatmeal or even hummus.

Our Best Bar Cookies

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Pumpkin-Spice Icebox Cake

Pumpkin Recipes We Absolutely Love (2)

Like the chocolate-and-vanilla retro classic, this gingery icebox cake requires some make-ahead assembly—but no baking. And it's absolutely drool-worthy.

Video—How To Make Pumpkin-Spice Icebox Cake

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Pumpkin Cream Cheese Pie

Pumpkin Recipes We Absolutely Love (3)

Cream cheese strudel inspired the owner of Just Pies in Westerville, Ohio, to build a pumpkin pie with a surprise cream cheese layer. For the creamiest pumpkin pie, don't overbake.

Perfect Pumpkin Pies

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Pumpkin-Praline Layer Cake

Pumpkin Recipes We Absolutely Love (4)

This nutty layer cake is a favorite dessert with Midwest Living readers. Whipped cream topping complements a moist filling of pumpkin, brown sugar, pecans, butter and more whipping cream.

Ultimate Cake Recipes

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Hazelnut Pumpkin Cheesecake

Pumpkin Recipes We Absolutely Love (5)

Trot this one out at the holidays and watch those pies quake in their aluminum plates. Gingersnaps in the base and tangy sour cream topping balance the pumpkin-spice sweetness.

Rich and Creamy Cheesecakes

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Maple Pumpkin Pie with Salted Pecan Brittle

Pumpkin Recipes We Absolutely Love (6)

The combination of maple and pumpkin flavors make a second slice of this pie hard to resist. Prepare the pecan brittle up to a week ahead, then sprinkle on just before serving.

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Bourbon-Spiked Pumpkin Bread Pudding

Pumpkin Recipes We Absolutely Love (7)

Rather than cube the bread, we made sandwiches, layering cinnamon-raisin swirl bread with a creamy pumpkin filling. Serve with a generous drizzle of boozy cheaters' caramel sauce.

Decadent Bread Pudding Recipes

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Pumpkin Bread with a Chocolate-Pepita Swirl

Pumpkin Recipes We Absolutely Love (8)

With its ripple of chocolate, cinnamon and toasted pumpkin seeds (and browned butter in the batter!), this pumpkin bread is an indulgent afternoon treat.

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Marbled Chocolate-Pumpkin Brownies

Pumpkin Recipes We Absolutely Love (9)

Swirl a layer of cream cheese and pumpkin into chocolate batter to create these luscious brownies, and sprinkle walnuts on top for extra crunch.

Rich, Moist Brownie Recipes

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Pumpkin-Pecan Tassies

Pumpkin Recipes We Absolutely Love (10)

These tiny pies, baked in a muffin tin, showcase the flavors of pumpkin and pecans in a one- or two-bite dessert.

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Chocolate Pumpkin Cake

Pumpkin Recipes We Absolutely Love (11)

This utterly unforgettable autumn cake layers moist chocolate-pumpkin cake, luscious milk chocolate ganache and fluffy pumpkin-spice whipped cream. The recipe comes from Minnesota blogger Amanda Rettke (iambaker.net). See a short video about how to make this cake.

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Mommy's Pumpkin Pie

Pumpkin Recipes We Absolutely Love (12)

"This recipe is adapted from my mother's classic pumpkin pie," says Linda Hundt, owner of Sweetielicious Bakery Cafe in DeWitt, Michigan. "I added cream to make it a bit richer and orange zest for flavor." The result is a dark mahogany pumpkin pie with ginger-cinnamon-clove spiciness.

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Spiced Pumpkin Bisque

Pumpkin Recipes We Absolutely Love (13)

The Inn at Irish Hollow in Galena, Illinois, serves this creamy, curried soup throughout the fall and winter. You can make your own crème fraîche for the garnish, or use purchased crème fraiche or sour cream.

Simmering Soups and Stews

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Pumpkin Spice Whoopies

Pumpkin Recipes We Absolutely Love (14)

A spiced marshmallow filling is sandwiched between cakelike pumpkin cookies in this easy-to-make dessert.

Quick and Easy Dessert Recipes

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Pumpkin Fudge

Pumpkin Recipes We Absolutely Love (15)

Set this pretty golden fudge on a plate with traditional chocolate fudge and a white fudge for an appealing array of colors. The recipe is from a Cherokee, Iowa, reader and was a winner at the Clay County Fair.

Fabulous Fudge Recipes

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Pumpkin Bread

Pumpkin Recipes We Absolutely Love (16)

The innkeepers at Burchell's White Hill Farmhouse Inn in Minden, Nebraska, make this moist spiced bread using homegrown heirloom pumpkins, but this version of their recipe uses canned puree.

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Aint Sug's Punkin' Puddin'

Pumpkin Recipes We Absolutely Love (17)

Baked in a casserole dish, this unusual dessert channels the spirit of marshmallow-topped sweet potato, with the added spice of pumpkin pie. This recipe comes from Patty Pinner's cookbook Sweets (Crown Publishing).

Soul Food Desserts

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Pumpkin Chiffon Pie

Pumpkin Recipes We Absolutely Love (18)

A spiced filling, made from whipped cream, creates a lighter-tasting version of traditional pumpkin pie. The gingersnap crust adds more kick than classic crusts.

Favorite Holiday Pie Recipes

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Chocolate-Glazed Pumpkin Pie Cheesecake

Pumpkin Recipes We Absolutely Love (19)

Cream cheese, pumpkin, dark chocolate, whipping cream ... this pumpkin dessert is pure decadence!

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Pumpkin-Banana Bread

Pumpkin Recipes We Absolutely Love (20)

Lisa Johnson of Gardner, Kansas, added banana to pumpkin bread for a new twist on quick bread treats. "This pumpkin bread is a favorite with our family," she says. "It's easy to make, and my two girls enjoy helping me. They especially enjoy it when it's done baking. It makes the house smell wonderful."

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Pumpkin Cheesecake Bars with Chocolate Topping

Pumpkin Recipes We Absolutely Love (21)

Cream cheese, oatmeal cookie mix, pumpkin and semisweet chocolate combine for a sensational seasonal treat.

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Paradise Pumpkin Pie

Pumpkin Recipes We Absolutely Love (22)

A cheesecake layer and nut topping help this pumpkin pie stand out from its peers. This recipe was a winner at the Morton, Illinois, Pumpkin Festival baking competition.

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Pumpkin Cheesecake with a Caramel Swirl

Pumpkin Recipes We Absolutely Love (23)

This dessert comes from a Hayward, Wisconsin, cafe. It's creamy, cool and not overpowered by the pumpkin or the spice.

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Apple Pumpkin Sunflower Bread

Pumpkin Recipes We Absolutely Love (24)

We packed a bushel of fall into this homey loaf: pumpkin, apple, nuts and spices.

Recipes for Sweet Quick Bread Loaves

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Apple Butter Pumpkin Pie

Pumpkin Recipes We Absolutely Love (25)

The classic pumpkin pie gets even better with the addition of apple butter, which gives extra sweetness and a slightly softer texture to the dessert. A streusel topping adds a bit of crunch.

Favorite Apple Pie Recipes

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Melt-in-Your-Mouth Pumpkin Cookies

Pumpkin Recipes We Absolutely Love (26)

These cakelike pumpkin drop cookies are delicious by themselves, but even better topped with a simple brown sugar frosting.

Easy Drop Cookies

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Pumpkin Parsnip Bisque with Hazelnut Toasts

Pumpkin Recipes We Absolutely Love (27)

Puree wintry vegetables like potato, leek and parsnip into a velvety soup. Don't skip the crisp, buttery dippers. They're delicious dunked in the soup.

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Toffee-Pumpkin Pie Bars

Pumpkin Recipes We Absolutely Love (28)

Love sweet and salty combos? You'll fall for these bars with sweet toffee, toasted pecans and a spiced Ginger Crumb Crust.

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Spiced Pumpkin Dip

Pumpkin Recipes We Absolutely Love (29)

Satisfy your sweet-salty afternoon cravings with this nutrient-packed dip, made with canned pumpkin, white beans and maple syrup. It's fab with honey-wheat pretzel twists, and very kid-friendly.

Easy Dip Recipes

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Pumpkin, Chickpea & Red Lentil Stew

Pumpkin Recipes We Absolutely Love (30)

This hearty soup boasts a bounty of veggies and seasonings, including pumpkin or squash, fresh ginger, lime juice, cumin and fresh cilantro.

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Pumpkin Cake Roll

Pumpkin Recipes We Absolutely Love (31)

Our "twist" on the pumpkin craze. Nutmeg, ginger and cinnamon add even more flavor.

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Pumpkin-Sour Cream Coffee Cake with Pecan Streusel

Pumpkin Recipes We Absolutely Love (32)

Pumpkin, cranberries and brown sugar swirl through a tender, moist coffee cake with a golden pecan topper.

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Pumpkin Cream Cheese Sandwich Cake

Pumpkin Recipes We Absolutely Love (33)

A cream cheese layer and rich chocolate frosting make this pumpkin cake a crowd-pleaser.

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Pumpkin Chess Pie

Pumpkin Recipes We Absolutely Love (34)

The bakers at Wick's Pies in Winchester, Indiana, crossed chess pie with pumpkin pie, adding more eggs, more spices and a little cornmeal to their pumpkin recipe. The result: a pie with a more intense pumpkin and spice flavor, and a slightly thicker filling.

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Pumpkin Recipes We Absolutely Love (2024)


What is the most popular dessert made from pumpkins? ›

I'd be remiss not to mention the star of all pumpkin desserts: pumpkin pie. It's an icon when it comes to Thanksgiving pies, but I don't reserve it for just one day of the year. My recipe is simple to make and packed with pumpkin flavor. I use a touch of black pepper to accentuate the pumpkin spices…

What can I add to pumpkin to make it taste better? ›

Instead of using premixed pumpkin pie spice (which has probably been sitting around for months on a grocery store shelf), make your own by combining cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, cloves, and allspice.

What flavor pairs best with pumpkin? ›

To complement pumpkin with sweet flavor pairings, consider using spices like nutmeg, cinnamon, allspice and vanilla, or sweet ingredients like chocolate, maple, honey, cranberries or brown sugar. Create savory dishes by pairing pumpkin with spices like chilies, cajun, cayenne or pepper.

What is the best pumpkin to cook with? ›

The Sugar Pie Pumpkin is often considered the crème de la crème of cooking pumpkins. Its deep orange flesh is sweet, smooth, and creamy, making it perfect for pies, soups, and purees. This culinary gem pairs beautifully with warm spices like cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves, creating irresistible autumnal flavors.

What is the world's most loved dessert? ›

  • Mar 31, 2023, 08:13 PM IST. 10 Most Popular Desserts in the World. ...
  • Apple Pie. This traditional American dessert is popular due to its flaky crust and sweet apple filling. ...
  • Tiramisu. ...
  • Baklava. ...
  • Crème Brûlée. ...
  • Panna Cotta. ...
  • Cheesecake. ...
  • Mochi.
Mar 31, 2023

What does milk do to pumpkins? ›

Milk has calcium in it, pumpkins like calcium as it allows them to uptake various nutrients. Maybe that's where the connection is for people. Good well rounded article, pointing out the potential benefits and the downsides to feeding with milk, and gives a guide to doing this if you want to try it.

Can dogs eat pumpkin? ›

Yes, dogs can eat pumpkin and it is actually often added to dog foods. Check the label of some dog treats and you may find pumpkin on the ingredient list there too. However, if you are feeding fresh pumpkin, you will need to be careful about which part you're feeding as the stem and leaves are covered in prickly hairs.

What is the most delicious pumpkin? ›

For cooking, you'll want to use sugar pumpkins (also called pie or sweet pumpkins), which are small and round. Long Island Cheese pumpkins, which are more oblong and can look like a wheel of cheese, are also good to eat. Field pumpkin types are larger, have watery, stringy flesh, and are best for decorating.

What meat goes best with pumpkin? ›

Fresh or canned pumpkin would taste good with meat proteins.
  1. Beef.
  2. Shrimp.
  3. Pork chops.
  4. Lobster.
  5. Crab.
  6. Chicken breast.
  7. Rabbit.
  8. Turkey (turkey legs)
Jun 17, 2022

What is the best pumpkin to bake and eat? ›

The best type of pumpkin for cooking and baking

Instead, I recommend using a pie pumpkin or sugar pumpkin (pictured above). During the fall and winter seasons, most stores will have them available. Try to pick pumpkins between 3-6 pounds — that's usually when the flesh is best.

What fruit tastes like pumpkin? ›

Although it originated in Southern Mexico, the mamey sapote (Pouteria sapota) is beloved in tropical areas across the world, especially in the Caribbean. Eaten fresh, the orange-fleshed fruit has a taste that some compare to a brown sugar-covered sweet potato, with notes of pumpkin, caramel and cantaloupe.

What recipes can be made from pumpkin? ›

Top 20 pumpkin recipes
  • Pumpkin pie. This classic Thanksgiving dessert is well-deserving of a place in our top 20. ...
  • Pumpkin curry with chickpeas. ...
  • Halloween pumpkin cake. ...
  • Pumpkin soup. ...
  • Stuffed pumpkin. ...
  • Pumpkin pie s'mores. ...
  • Pumpkin hummus. ...
  • Roast pumpkin & spinach lasagne.

What pairs with pumpkin? ›

Pumpkins also make a good alternative to potatoes as a low-carb side dish – pair them with chestnuts and onions here to really celebrate autumn.

Is A pumpkin a fruit or a Vegetable? ›

A pumpkin, from a botanist's perspective, is a fruit because it's a product of the seed-bearing structure of flowering plants. Vegetables, on the other hand, are the edible portion of plants such as leaves, stems, roots, bullbs, flowers, and tubers.

What dessert can be made from pumpkin? ›

Pumpkin dessert recipes
  • Best ever pumpkin pie with stem ginger cream. A star rating of 4.6 out of 5. ...
  • Pumpkin cheesecake. A star rating of 3.8 out of 5. ...
  • Spiced pumpkin Halloween cake. A star rating of 4 out of 5. ...
  • Pumpkin muffins. ...
  • Pumpkin pie. ...
  • Pumpkin cupcakes. ...
  • Pumpkin & pecan strudel. ...
  • Pumpkin & caramel cake.

What is the most popular use of pumpkins? ›

Classic Pumpkin Pie

It's no surprise that pumpkin pie is at the top of everyone's list, so we're leading with it too. This version is exactly what you expect when you think of classic pumpkin pie — a velvety smooth custard that's sweetened and lightly spiced, baked into a buttery, crisp pie crust.

What is the most sweet pumpkin? ›

Kabocha. A popular Japanese variety, the Kabocha has a rough but edible peel, and a round plump shape. It can be dark green or bright orange-red, and has firm, orange flesh. One of the sweetest varieties of pumpkin, its flavour has been compared to sweet potato, while its firm flesh holds together well in the oven.

What is the most common use for pumpkins? ›

Pumpkin is popular in pancakes, pies, custards, and muffins, but it also works well in savory dishes. You can cook it into a soup or roast it with other vegetables. Canned pumpkin can be combined with coconut milk and spices to make a creamy curry base. You can also eat other parts of the pumpkin plant.

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